1233514_701844983162578_759298844_nIssue 3 of Poecology and the Literary Locator map are live!
Click here to read Issue 3 and click here to visit the Literary Locator.

Issue 3 features work by:
Jess Alfaro, Karen An-hwei Lee, Jennifer Atkinson, Matthew James Babcock, Monica Barron, Carolyn Dille, Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street, Taylor Graham, Kathleen Hellen, RJ Hooker, Brent House, Ann Huston, Gabe Johnson, Lissa Kiernan, Lauren Koshere, Michelle Menting, Jeff Muse, Amy Newday, Nicole Parizeau, Vivian Faith Prescott, Janis E Rodgers, Kryssa Schemmerling, and Jack Snyder.

The Literary Locator currently features place-based work by contributors to the first three issues of Poecology.

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