Issue 1 Cover Poecology

Issue 1


Brenda Hillman


Previous Dawn in the Next Field


                  —goodness! your pockets
loaded with fallen plums,
      you walk like a pregnant grandmother—
a rabbit runs under the vine   l l  l l  l l   
the rims of its see-through ears,
              have electrons on fire—

     earth spirits stand by; they’ve come
from the classics;
              a spiral of nothing is pierced

by its own axis

                             arrow symbol

                                    the sky spins around
a field of chicory [Cichorium intybus],
shadows silverado some sticks
               in the road,
\\\\////||||    as if a spoiled emperor
      threw his bed to the amphitheatre…

In the hills, workers & owners
              wake with opposite terrors;
           tiny flies walk the grout of small
      white houses. Each moment
is a crowd. Why so angry?
              Your enemy was anxious
& has moved away; she never
     noticed the hem of your dress.
At least, can you drive less. At least
   don’t eat at the Bar-B-Q—