Issue 1  ♦  2011



Editor’s Note   Poetry, Ecology, and Our Response
Anna Lönnberg   The Opportunist
Aneesa Davenport   Report from the Northwest;  Mr. Merritt Lake and Snow Park
Janice N. Harrington   Dried Milkweed Pods; Leopard Slug
Evan Winchester   The Problem with Owls
Ann Fisher-Wirth   In Summer
Laura Edgar     The Baths Bones
Ada Limón     What it Looks Like to Us and the Words We Use
Murray Silverstein     Interview: Why Poetry of Place?
Tim Willcutts     Bicoastal Fragments;  Sorry, Tilden
Brenda Hillman     Previous Dawn in the Next Field
Ivy Anderson     Definitions
Monica Regan     the fleet, precious hours
Robert Ricardo Reese     Hand-holding Near Tanbark Trail; The Evening of Salinas Valley Seen from Santa Lucia Ridge
Giancarlo Campagna     Roaming Twilight
Ruth Gooley     The Oak Tree
Meredith Paige     The Ride Home
Toni Wynn     a brown girl’s nature poem – Tule
Briony Gylgayton     Within the Foothills
Mark C. Jackson     You wanna save the Earth?
Lenore Bell     First Chance to See
Melissa Studdard     Scenes from a Landscape, with a Side Note to Mother Nature
Keely Hyslop     Anne Bonny Meditates upon God’s Law
Devreaux Baker     California Sutra
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