Issue 1 Cover Poecology

Issue 1


Giancarlo Campagna


Roaming Twilight

                   for Michael Calvello, Jr. (1940-2011)
saw a coyote flash across
a beat up road
on the flat approach to bay
salt marsh

I stopped in the divide
bicycle leaning on my leg
watched him move his long
shag brown sage gold body

I hey heyed to him
he turned in the fallow scrub
haunches down
ears alert tufted triangles

we looked at each other
both of us bearing
fixed black yellow eyes

I heyed him again
he turned and split
behind a mound of turtle sage
hopping off to labor
soft feral blood of rabbits

green dusk holding still
white stereo darkening sky
black skull of San Bruno Mountain
leaving its green
to the night world