Issue 1 Cover Poecology

Issue 1


Keely Hyslop


Anne Bonny Meditates Upon God’s Law

They tell me God’s law is
the law of submission. A wife
submits to her husband, a husband
submits to his king, a king submits
to his god. This is the natural
order of things. Living
with my father in Carolina
surrounded by the God-given
wilderness I observed the natural
law play itself out among the beasts.
God intends the white-tailed deer
to be eaten by the red wolf
but the deer resists the wolf,
when cornered wounds
with its sharp hooves. The chase
continues so long as the deer has strength
in its limbs to fly faster than the teeth
at its heels. Beastly woman,
they call me. I accept
the compliment. I would not place my head
inside any man’s noose anymore than a deer
would place its throat inside a wolf’s jaws.
I follow God’s law.