Issue 1 Cover Poecology

Issue 1


Mark C. Jackson


“You wanna save the Earth?”

“Hey man,
you wanna
save the whales?”
Asked the kid
(in his twenties)
with a Greenpeace
t-shirt and petition
to sign.
I walked on
into Best Buy.

(in his twenties)
wanted to buy
a camera to
“Document his
Life” as he
was getting older.

Judy and I
looked at flatscreen
TV’s and Sarah
(almost nineteen)
played a new Super
Mario Brothers
racing game.

Josh found his camera
and I decided
on a Tom
Waits CD over

After my family
left me
standing at a TV
and went out
to the car,
I called Judy
to come back and
buy the CD with
her card.

“You wanna
save the Earth?”
Asked a girl
as we were
leaving Best Buy.

When we got
to the car
I unwrapped
the CD,
I couldn’t wait
to hear
Tom’s voice again.