Issue 1 Cover Poecology

Issue 1


Melissa Studdard


Scenes From a Landscapes, With a Side Note to Mother Nature

It’s a gray-green sky
     from which we’ve excised
   all sentimentality,
a rotten plum landscape,
     mush beneath the foot,
   plucked birds soaring,
thick as smog, a good place
     to die:      we build
   our gods in the city now,
glass and steel altars,
     concrete lush as cream
   filled eggs, our plastic Jesus
dangling from the rearview,
     a wooden Buddha on the dash,
   and ripe, good earth beneath
the sidewalk, where it
     belongs:     we’ve paved
   over death and every other
vulnerable thing. We are bipeds,
     big brains, masters of
   the opposable thumb.
Mother nature, you dirty,
     cruel wench: hear us roar.