Issue 1 Cover Poecology

Issue 1


Tim Willcutts


Bicoastal Fragments

I.     It’s childhood somewhere.

II.    Rain one degree above freezing waters the onions and garlic out back.

III.   Someone is saying good morning to the birds, someone with a past that
         weighs next to nothing.

IV.    You have a creamy popsicle.  I have an icy creamsicle.  No one is happy.

V.     He fell inside himself like an air bubble drifting to the center of a lake.

VI.    Whatever floats our aircraft carrier is trying to sink it.

VII.   The past is the afterlife of the present and the most convincing of all

VIII.  Getting up has potential in a bee swarm.

IX.    Today holds 1985 on its shore like tossed cement.  Time skis back again.

X.     A desire to be invisible blew my cover, loudly.