Issue 2



Francis Raven


Subtitle: The Washington Elm

                                                                       to patriotic raise
                                                                                               command                       (July 3, 1775)
                                                                                     (that is, transform man
         under this                       legendary                                       to greatness, conjuring
                                                shielding eyes from                                                  commander)
                to role
                common            (but there is no documentation to indicate)
                             there is no indication to document
                             in parallel : history
                       cold damp Harvard’s Quentin times bullshit dorm equals   “naked slaves to
                       lift”   “impenetrable spirit”  to   establish  a  dynasty  in  explanation  of  the
                       south, through pure willforce to save his plantation, but continued to drink
                       and sleep with 15-year-old Milly and be murdered and even under this tree
                                                                                    “was indeed real”

          A tree is an explanation of a country.

but to plant  the  seed  is not to know  the  fullness of
shade    (“…intercrops   provide   immediate   income
while the walnut is growing to nut production age at
15    to    20    years    and    sawlog    production    at
approximately    50    years.       With    conventional
management practices, 80  more  years   pass before
walnut   wood    reaches   its   greatest    commercial

          A tree is a photograph growing for another.
                                    For the purposes of founding                        (“Invulnerable though naked”)
                                    we must choose the strongest trunk, that even
                                                must succumb
                                  and for these purposes we must learn the difference
                                    between bureaucratic ineptitude and pure evil

          “In 1923, the diseased and fragile trunk was accidentally pulled over by a city worker.”
                                                                                                                   “…but it was on my rounds
                                                                                                                               I didn’t think to tap
                                                                                        I didn’t pull any harder than I normally do
                                                                                                                             it was just its time…”
                                                or maybe hatred of the tree is hatred of America
                                            maybe the poor park-worker is guilty of high treason
                                                                 guilty, but never convicted:
                                         a   symbol   must   choose   how   real   to   become.