Issue 2  ♦  2012

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Editor’s Note     Circumnavigating the Globe through Ecopoetry
Christopher Martin      Thoreau’s Last Words
Camille T. Dungy      There I Am
Christopher Miles      Tornado
Tess Taylor      Easter Freeze
harold terezón      Matanza; Pacoima
Jane Hirshfield      For the Lobaria, Usnea, Witches Hair, Map Lichen, Beard Lichen, Ground Lichen, Shield Lichen
Maureen Eppstein      Toxoplasmosis
Murray Silverstein      October Walk with the Interior Gal
Sarah Ciston      TRAVELNET / 37° 45′ 7.87″ N, 122° 25′ 12.50″ W
Will Cordiero      Basin Journal
Tim Kahl      Looking for Methusaleh
Sean Hill      Postcard to Anna
Eric Heyne      Genus Nymphalis
Interview with Camille Dungy:      “Attending to Our Nature: How We Write Place and How Place Writes Us”
Rosebud Ben-Oni      Gangster as Narwhal; Pauraque
Zayne Turner      Lake County: By the Numbers; Aeolian Process
James Engelhardt      In the Sky, In the Mountains
Cindy Hunter Morgan      Before Sleep; Apple Season
Sharon Coleman      Pedro Point
Rebecca Mayer      Colonies
Genevieve Kaplan      Upon a mountain-top, around a glow-worm
Nicholas YB Wong      An Incredibly Brief Morning Directory to the City
Charles Dawson       Vessel
Francis Raven      Subtitle: The Washington Elm
Catherine McGuire      To a Pesky Moth
Diana Rosinus      Time Measured
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