Issue 2



Nicholas YB Wong


An Incredibly Brief Morning Directory to the City

outside subway stations | hunchbacked elders
          gather | wanting not
the sense on jasper mountains
but sour newspapers we’ve read in trains
          peach petals float | rubbish sells
news expires after transits
there are other skies and earths than those
          in mortal postcards
how many times have their roses bloomed
none perhaps | poverty finds its way to populate
          in this world of fair trade:
selling second-hand papers begets a few dollars
          for a pack of yellowed cabbage
that they munch for meals like hamsters
where to have michelin dim sum | how to cross the harbor
          when the harbor’s getting smaller
so mighty is the creator’s work
how to tell it’s morning when no one sleeps
          at night | when there’s no window
where you sleep | in a coffin room as it’s called
a practical rehearsal of finality
          hair fringed on forehead | face against
four dark walls | greet the termites and wood lice
greet this city that has sprung | the year
          is sinking west | over an alien land they roam
their footsteps silent as all the world thinks only of beauty



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