Issue 2



Will Cordiero


Basin Journal

The goings-on are ongoing in the face
of fluctuating waves and weather: here

tiny blobs of nonplussed jellies bob and
pulse. Tunnels, trundled, into burrows,
sand fleas bubble, bumptious, breathing

for another swell. A lumpy quahog
sticks a foot out of its mouth, its bi-

valve shell. Triggering gulls to toggle and jig,
a hawk glides over slog in the gullies. Deerflies
fester on a clot of squid viscera they’ve muckled

down to snot and lingerie. Stalking, a spider
crab won’t raise an eyebrow, sideways skating

out flashes, flushed from its under-lip
along a reedy pile of sticks. On a tide-
pool’s shallowly side, small fish the size

of splinters, rash inchlings, quicken an instant,
crazing slender shadows through rich rushes.