Issue 2



Aeolian Process


Zayne Turner

In aggregate, patterns emerge:
             rill wears to groove,
a sand sheet builds from dunes. Take beryl,
in all its crystalline glory, or rare earth
            in the veins
                         of every continent; then, demands
for infrastructure, lines of finance,
production, gradual creep of the working face
past crosscut, reservoir,
                          dividends, pre-bankability. Of course,
there is inevitable resistance,
                         not so much the heat or pistons
thrown off engines
                         as the drag of backfill,
reclamation, controlled burn. Ixtoc.
Church Rock, Navajo neuropathy. Such decadence
as settlements,
              statements of non-disclosure.
You see, it is the build past brink
that is inevitable;
bonanza is born only
                          of borrascas. As such,
the human shrapnel
                          spans generations–