Issue 3  ♦  2013



Editor’s Note     Piecing Together the Map
Jess Alfaro     Flight Distance
Karen An-hwei Lee      Elegy at Mission San Juan Capistrano
Jennifer Atkinson      Field Somewhere Between Pie Town and Quemado
Matthew James Babcock      Idaho Etude 3; Idaho Etude 4, Idaho Etude 5
Monica Barron      Twenty-year-old Memory of Kansas
Carolyn Dille      Hiking Above Piney Creek
Ann Fisher-Wirth and Laura-Gray Street     Interview: The Ecopoetry Anthology
Taylor Graham      Serpentine
Kathleen Hellen      Fukushima
RJ Hooker      Subalpine Shooting RangeGilded Flicker
Brent House     Augur of Screen
Ann Huston      On Mountain Goats; Megalosaurus giganteus
Gabe Johnson    Rehabilitation
Lissa Kiernan      Recipe for Yellowcake; Disposal; Yankee Rowe at Half Mast
Lauren Koshere     On My Last Day in Montana
Michelle Menting      Blue Herons
Jeff Muse     Anima
Amy Newday      birth mother
Nicole Parizeau      Angle of Repose
Vivian Faith Prescott     Telling the Glacier Bay Story; History of When the River Still Flowed Beneath the Ice
Janis E Rodgers    After a Map
Kryssa Schemmerling     A Natural History of Cinema
Jack Snyder    Coalminers’ Haiku
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