Issue 3



Lissa Kiernan


Yankee Rowe at Half-Mast

            When the decommissioning effort is completed in 2003 and all of the buildings
            are removed, the site will be returned to green space.
                                                                                                 Civil Engineering Magazine
My figure is now half-abstract, a classic of its kind.
My mind has been lobotomized, my veins
clogged with sediments, my eyes are hollowed
pools of shadowed rods. Years, they will gaze
impassively past you, radiating fine stress lines.

So hike across my bones, down-hill ski
over my skin. Sport-fish and spin-cast, fly-
fish and river-raft, ice fish and surf-cast.

I will soak into your system and stay there.
Admission is miraculously free.