Issue 3



Vivian Faith Prescott


History of When the River Still Flowed Beneath the Ice

                        For James Crippen Dzéiwsh
Island and River mix
for thousands of years.
X’atgu Naasí Hít—Dogfish Intestine House
Kóok Hít—Box House
Hít Tlein—Big House
Tatóok Hít—Cave House
Chéx’i Hít—Shadow House
Aan Shooka Hít—House at the Far End of the Old Village 
moved downriver with ice floe, silt, and drifting trees, 
people turned to stone
to Tlákw.aan—Ancient Village
Shaal.aan—Fish Trap Town
Sʼiknáx̱– Across from the Grass
Xakw.aan –Sandbar Village 
and Kayáash—Platform
Xel—Foam People

We are Chʼuxʼáasʼaan—Waterfall Town 
Ḵeishangita.aan—Red Alder Head Village 
Kʼaatsʼḵu Noow—Among the Sharps Fort
An.áan—Village that Rests 
We are Bitter Water People.