Issue 4  ♦  2014

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Editor’s Note     How Much Time Do We Have?
Kristin Berger     Oxbow; Kisstank; Aimless Drainage
Clare Blackburne     After the Rain
Rob Carney     Every Place I’ve Ever Lived Is Gone:
Peter Neil Carroll     Sparrows
Amber L. Cook     Grauballe Man; Windeby Girl
Allison Davis     Ohio; Night Portrait of Motel Clerk
Michelle Donahue     A Poem for Luis II; San Juan, Lake Atitlán; I Bring My Laundry
Lawrence Eby     Call Home
Arif Gamal     Baobab; Crocodile
Teow Lim Goh     Off the Record
Andrew C. Gottlieb     Field Sermon; March in Snoqualmie
Grace Marie Grafton     Kofa Mountains, Arizona
Pernia Hassan     My Mother’s Hands
Jacqueline Hughes Simon     What Bird but We Would Put Up with Perfection?
Matthew Brady Klitsch     Baylis; Ode to Squirrel Twins; One A.M. Fox
Corinne Lee     Untitled
Christopher Martin     Feeding American Bison at the Yellow River Game Ranch
Janie Elizabeth Miller     Field Notes (The Arcade Poem)
Sarah Fawn Montgomery     Talking Back
Sean Negus     Detective of the Singular
Annie Pentilla     Anaconda, MT; Our Lady of the Rockies
Gail Rudd Entrekin     Nepenthe
F Daniel Rzicznek     Moose Factory
Stephen Siperstein     Sand Dollars
Afton Wilky     from Reservoir

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