Issue 5  ♦  2015

Embrace by Janie Stapleton       


Editor’s Note      Patience Measures
Ellen Bass       Chalcid Wasps Emerging
Donna M. Davis       White City
Iris Jamahl Dunkle       Finding Ballard Lake; The 100-year Flood, 1986
Tyler Erlendson       King Snake
Jennifer Fandel       Pining
Lia Greenwell       Conversion; Drill
Benjamin Gucciardi       Foragers
Susan Kelly-DeWitt       Magpiety; Death of a Flowering Pear
Bill King       Burning Inside the Glass Rim of the World
Karina Lutz       In Lime Rock Preserve
Christopher Martin       An Interview with Christopher Martin
Jérôme Luc Martin       The Gardening Fires; Leave-taking
Rajiv Mohabir       Du’a
Peggy Morrison       Beach Street, Watsonville
Jami Proctor Xu       huangmei, xiacun; light in water: walnut creek, huangmei
Caitlin Pryor       Mushroom
Bernard Quetchenbach       Line Creek Storm
Laura-Gray Street       Marcescence; Felled Beech Speaks of the Above from the Ravine
James Toupin       Sealight
G. C. Waldrep       Tesquitus
Jake Young       In the Olive Orchard

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