Embrace by Janie StapletonPoecology
Issue 5

Jami Proctor Xu

light in water: walnut creek, huangmei

                        —for my gonggong, pan guodong
you’ll leave us today
i feel this as i swim, eyes open
in wavering yellow light
i swim with your soul
to the line where blues touch

we have no photograph
of your mother, i’ve never seen
her face
but i feel her here with
us in the water
even the expressions of her face

sky above this sky
the yellow light reaches
i feel her calling you back

the light says:
you swam east to be born
to enter the year of goat, yin, and water
moon full, snow falling
orange firework light falling
    into frozen wheat fields
        frozen rice fields

a life melts into the light of this world
now, in the year of horse, yang, and wood
we swim
so you can leave it